Hello!  My name is Ryan Brazile!  What is this blog all about?  Why am I writing a blog?

As I’ve thought about it, I’ve realized that I can’t get around the fact that this blog is mainly for me.  I got a blog so I could write stuff.  Some family might follow it, and some friends might check it every once in a while, but the vast majority of view-time this blog will get is from me as I write it.  Thankfully writing a blog is free. I do enjoy writing and reading and thinking, and I realize that I do all of these better if I have some venue in which to write.  A blog it is then!

I’ll also be honest and say that most of the things I read and think about have to do with what I believe.  I believe in a Living and Holy and Happy and Loving God, who is knowable through his Son Jesus, who is equally Living and Holy and Happy and Loving.  Hopefully my blog will reflect that.

So there you have it!  That is the “about” of the blog.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. So excited for your journey to Madagascar and for all that you will experience there! I pray you have a safe trip in a few days and that you would know the depth of God’s power and love in a whole new way. Many blessings, friend – I’ll be excited for updates!! :)

  2. Does randomly up at 3:42am EST, reading various posts on facebook about Vanderbilt’s nondiscrimination policy, and logged onto gmail, and checked out your blog.

    You’re in Madagascar? Since July?? Praise the Lord, Bro. Brazile! That’s awesome….I hope you’re doing well and I’ll definitely keep you in prayer henceforth :-)

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