How Would I Sum Up My Time In Madagascar?

…with Disney Songs of course!!! (What could possibly be more appropriate?)

Yesterday at our neighbor’s house, they were playing a bootleg DVD that had a bunch of Disney movies on it.  That inspired me to sum up my time here in Madagascar with songs.  I was here nine months so I have picked a theme and a song for each one.

August: Being Overwhelmed By The Extremely Kind, Welcoming, And Hospitable Malagasy People

September: Getting Used To A Different Way Of Life

October: Trying My Best To Understand People From Another World And Culture

November: Feeling Sad About All The Things That Need Fixing Here In Madagascar

December: Being Somewhat, Maybe, A Little Bit Homesick (I realize this isn’t Disney, but it works.)

January: Getting Over It

February: Wanting To Finish Strong

March: Finally Feeling In Sync With Life In Madagascar

April: Leaving

I might have some other summary thoughts later.  For now though this is it.  I’m currently on my way back to America.


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