Vanderbilt: The Town Hall Meeting

The following is a highlight video from the town hall meeting.  I didn’t make it, and I realize it is a bit intense as far as the music choice and captions go.  I also realized that narrowing a 3 hour long meeting down to 6 minutes creates some obvious bias, since it is showing what these people think are the worst moments of the meeting.  However, I would also say that, the things said in the video were actually said.  If I hear about another 6 minute video in favor of the other side of the argument, I’ll put it in alongside this video.

My personal favorite quote is the statement where the administrator says, “I’m Catholic.  What if my faith beliefs guided all the decisions I make on a given day?”  The students reply, “They should.”

I think that sums up the vastly different way the administration and many students are wanting to approach faith.


2 thoughts on “Vanderbilt: The Town Hall Meeting

  1. Pastor Rick Warren who wrote a book called “The Purpose Driven Life” once said that “…. partly obedience is equal to disobedience….”.
    So, if you are a true Christian, or Catholic, or other religion, then you will follow God’s guidance in your life as well as when making decision in your everyday life. You cannot pick and choose when to involve God and when not to in your life. What kind of life that is?

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