Depressing Conversations With Milson: “Why is the white person smart?”

The after effects of colonialism, and the skewed perspectives that get left behind in a country like Madagascar are pretty heartbreaking.  Take, for instance, these thoughts from Milson one of my English students from Madagascar.

“So Ryan, my grandfather, one time, told me story.  I do not think it is true.  He said, that when God made the world there were a many angels, the white people (in Malagasy vezaha).  And then God decided to make the Malagasy person.  When God was done, the vezahas laugh at the Malagasy person, and so God decided to punish the vazahas because they laughed, and he made the vezaha human like the Malagasy.  But God still loved the vazahas so he gives them a special place to live far away from the Malagasy person and he gives them all the good things that they needed.  But he put the Malagasy person in the place that is not as good..  I do not really think it is true.  It is just what my grandfather said it.”

What kinds of feelings about one’s own culture causes a person to tell a story like that?  Or worse, what how do you even start when you get asked a question like this? Let me emphasize that this is a quote.

“Ryan, why are the black people not smart, but the white person is smart?”

If your heart didn’t just break, you read the post incorrectly.


One thought on “Depressing Conversations With Milson: “Why is the white person smart?”

  1. Thanking the Lord that you have over two more months to give Milson Truth about God, His creation, and His love for the Malagasy people. Then Milson’s children and grandchildren will hear a completely different story! May God speak through you and give you many opportunities to share with Milson.

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