Nature Pictures Including Lemurs!

We had a chance to go out to an Arboretum the other day.  Being out of the city, there were bunches of animals, and since we had a guide, we were actually able to find them.  Here are some pictures which include mouse lemurs.

Here is the taxi I took to get there.  That isn’t a detergent bottle.  That is the fuel tank.

A fly catcher.


A nocturnal mouse lemur.  During the day they find nice little hiding places like this.

I thought, “This looks neat!  I’ll pick it up!”…

It took a painful minute to pull all the barbs out and get it off my hand.

Bees pollinate the arboretum.

Don’t miss the lizard.

Or this lizard.

Three mouse lemurs!  A momma and two babies.


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