Prayer Update

Hello friends and family!  It has been too long since I had a prayer update on my blog.  Part of the reason is that few exciting things have been going on here lately—or at least, I don’t perceive them as being as exciting as taxibus rides and trips to villages.  But of course, it is silly of me to only ask for prayer when things are new and interesting.

I’ve been teaching more and more students English, have been continuing teaching about and practicing discipleship, and have been working on a few side projects such as a website for the ministry and lessons that will hopefully help future missionaries learn Malagasy.  Lately, I have also been in charge of watching the English learning computer lab, which basically involves sitting at a desk for most of the morning and afternoon.  Like I said, jobs like that might not be terribly exciting to write about, but it is a job that needs to be done, and I would appreciate your prayers as I do it.

I need prayer at more times than just when I am about to get on a taxibus.  Perhaps, during these times when things are a bit more mundane, I need as much if not more prayer than ever.

  • Please pray that I would continue to believe and be encouraged by what God can do here in Madagascar.  It is very easy to look around and notice that very little seems to change here in a city where so much needs to change.  Many many people still need Christ and the slum that sits outside my window looks as much like a slum today as it did when I arrived in July.  It is too easy to look, and wonder how in the world things are ever going to change.  Pray that I would trust that God is at work and that he can do way more than I can imagine.
  • Pray that I would not be caught up in loneliness, but rather that I would be overwhelmed with thankfulness for the relationships and friendships he has given me here, even if sometimes those friendships are with people I can’t really talk to due to the language barrier.  Pray that my mental energy would be focused here, and that I would be wholeheartedly given to what God has for me to do today, whatever that may be.
  • Pray that I would be bold and trusting in my words, ideas, and actions.  Pray that, as I and all us of here serve God, we would not back away from an idea or opportunity our of fear, especially fear of failure.  I think God wants to do big here things, and I think he wants to do it through people willing to put big bold faith in God.  That’s a bit hard to think about as I sit here watching the computer lab for most of the day, but pray that when ideas and opportunities arise to do bold things for Christ, I would take the chance.

The other day, I spent some time thinking back over this first half of my time here in Madagascar.  It was really cool to look back and think about how faithful God has been during these first four and a half months both in my own life and in our ministry in Madagascar.  All that to say, I appreciate all of your prayers and look forward to watching God continue to work here in Toliara.