Madagascar: The Food 2

Long ago, I posted about the food here in Madagascar, doing my best to describe things in words.  However, back then my internet connection didn’t allow me to post many photos, so if you are wondering what I have been eating…

Beans and rice.

Eggplant, Sausage, Rice

Pumpkin, beef, rice.

Carrots, onions, sausage, rice.

Peas, salad, rice.

Greens, sausage, rice.

Chicken and rice.

Cabbage and rice.

Turkey and rice.

Green beans, pork, rice.


5 thoughts on “Madagascar: The Food 2

  1. cabbage and rice is my favorite!!! Do you have chips mayai there (it’s kinda like an egg/french fry omelette)?

    • No I haven’t heard of chips mayai. we don’t eat too many eggs, but i have seen omelettes on menu’s at restaurants, most likely reflecting the French influence on Madagascar. They might serve something similar.

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