A few days ago it was my Mom’s birthday, and I wanted to make a post like the one I made for my Dad’s birthday.  What are some of my favorite things about my Mom?  In no particular order…

  • She has been faithfully married to my Dad for 33 years.  Awesome!
  • Personality-wise, I get a lot from her, especially things contemplative and introverted.  Both of us enjoy parties, but both of us probably need a nap afterwards.
  • She persevered as a parent, even when Jenny and I protested.  For example, she diligently taught my sister and I to write letters and thank-you-notes, even when I complained ferociously.  And now I very much value those practices.
  • Isn’t she beautiful? I sure think so.
  • She is a thorough, diligent worker and a great servant to all those around her.
  • I’m sure it must have happened, but I can’t remember seeing her get in a fight with my Dad, and that’s remarkably wonderful.
  • She LOVES Christmas, and I think that is because she loves family and Jesus.  I can’t imagine life if our house didn’t explode Christmas every year.  I think she might still have a few sweaters that jingle.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • She gave stay-at-home-moms a really good name.
  • I am absolutely positive she is always praying for me.
  • It looks like she and Dad might visit me in Madagascar!  So we will add adventurous to her list of great attributes.

Thanks Mom!  Love you, and happy birthday!!!


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