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I guess I did have one free afternoon for a November post.  Hooray!  We did make it back safely from Ft. Dauphin, and it was a great trip!  Praise God.

Please still be praying for me, as I am about to leave to go out to villages for several days to finish setting up water tanks.  Pray that the job would get done, and that I would have good health while I am away from the city.


7 thoughts on “RYAN vs. TAXIBUS!

  1. You know, they say tragedy + 5 minutes = great comedy. However, I think tragedy + hilarious old-school video game graphics featuring ryan brazile vs. a bus = EPIC comedy. Well played sir, I laughed heartily.

  2. Sweet video of Madagascar! I knew that they had weird trees on the island, but I had no idea that it is where they filmed the pokemon video game. Crazy.

    Also, I just watched it 3 times in a row. worth it.

  3. Oh My Gosh. You are hysterical. I have watched this three times now and I crack up laughing every time. Disney Music? Awful Village Outhouse? You are living the Dream! I wish you more sane travels and happiness, friend!

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