No Post November

November looks like it is going to be a bit busy.  So I have decided to declare, No Post November.  That might also go along with a No Shave November, but that has not yet been determined.

Sorry if you came expecting something new…. But in December there will be all sorts of fun pictures and posts and things!  And for now, feel free to check out old stuff.  If you look over here…

You’ll find links to all the old posts.  Categories might be a good place to start.  “Photos” is about “Photos.”  I would probably just go to “My Personal Favorites” since those are my personal favorites.  There are even really old posts from before I went to Madagascar.  But if you have already seen those, just be patient.  More things are coming, just not in November.


2 thoughts on “No Post November

  1. In a recent post you talked about how there are no “dislike” buttons. I wish there were one now. Oh well. I’ll just have to be sure to use email and skype. Happy November!

  2. I agree with Jenny. I love your posts so much that I’ll feel less connected in November to my boy across the ocean. I’m pushing the “dislike” button!

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