The Facebook World Of “Like”

You cannot dislike anything on facebook.  You can only like it.  How sad would it be if there was a dislike button?

What if I thought hard and posted something really clever?  (dislike) :(

What if I changed to my new favorite profile picture? (dislike) :(

What if I got engaged? (dislike) :(

Dislike would create a whole mess of facebook woes and facebook sadness.  It would hurt feelings and communicate disapproval, and those are two great evils.

Sigh…sometimes I feel stuck in this facebook world of like.  That is the only choice I have in life.  Either like it or choose to refrain from liking it.  If you dislike it, please just keep that to yourself.  Or dislike it with a cute comment:


Our world likes to like things.  Of course, there is no love button on facebook either.  There is no this is everything to me button—no I would lay down my life for this button.  That would make the world seem far too serious.  And if we start feeling too passionate about things, we might have to hate the opposite.  If we love justice that might imply that we hate injustice.  If we love Jesus that might imply that we hate when he is mocked.  That kind of love seems to be a bit out of vogue.

It is fun though that 3,160,056 people like Jesus on facebook!  He’s awesome!

The facebook world has discovered how nice it is to live just above neutral.  You know, not cold and not hot…. Just live at the level of like.


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