This Year’s Nightmarish Halloween Costume

Sometimes, I have this nightmare: How do the people here see me?…

“Oh look here he comes!” someone shouts as all the Munchkins gather round.  “There he is, Glinda, the good witch, descending from on high in his giant pink bubble!”

And Ryan floats down in his bright, clean, educated bubble to visit all the poor little Malgasy Munchkins.  With delicate grace, he lands in the town square.

“Oh wow!” they cry.  “Here he comes, all the way from his palace, to bless us!  Oh how wonderful it is to be at wand’s length from the one with all the answers!”

The sea of eager spectators parts as the glowingly good man steps out of his bubble and passes through the crowd.  “And a blessing to you!  And a blessing to you!  And– No no!  A little father back please.  Yes yes, there is good.  And a blessing to you!  And a blessing to you!  And Jesus!”

All the little Malagasy Munchkins applaud and cheer in their cute squeaky voices, as the good witch gracefully—but briskly—makes his way back to his bubble.  He waves farewell, and the bubble hovers off into the distance.  “Goodbye!  Farewell!  I must be going to my palace now!  Yes, goodbye!  Ta ta for now!”

My nightmare is that, if the Savior’s representative lives at wand’s length, in his nice little bubble life, they will think the Savior lives at wand’s length as well.


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