Prayer Update: Longevity

It seems strange when I think that I have already been here in Madagascar for about three months.  The whole thing seems a bit like a blur.  Lately, time has seemed especially blurry, since there have been many many things to do.  There are several ways that you can be praying for me.  First of all, you can always be praying that I would endure well while I am here.  Like I said, I have been here three months, which means there are still six months left to go.  These next months are going to be the really hot months, and from what everyone has told me, it is going to get kind of miserable.  I want to have longevity through the difficult seasons.  It is neat when a runner starts a race well, but that is all pointless if he collapses half way through the race.  Pray that I would continue to run the race with joy and energy and love for Christ and those around me.

Also, PLEASE pray for me this upcoming week.  Why?


What is this number?  This is the number of hours I will be traveling on a taxi-busse during the next two weeks.  If you have read my previous posts, you will know that taxi-busses are less than fun.  My friend Victor and I are going to be traveling to Ft. Dauphan, a city on the opposite coast to teach at another youth conference.  It takes three days to get to Ft. Dauphan and three days to get back.  So please just pray that I would not go insane during this time.  Also, please pray that my health would be stable during this trip.  And perhaps most importantly, please pray that our teaching in Ft. Dauphan would be clear and that the Spirit would move in power at this youth conference.

To sum up this quickly typed blog post (sorry if there are typos), please pray for my longevity.  Pray for my longevity in general, that I would endure well during this next season here in Madagascar, and also pray for my longevity during 144 hours on a taxi-busse.  That would be greatly appreciated.

Look, I colored a pretty map of Madagascar for you so you can see the Diocese Bishop Todd is over!!! Ft. Dauphan is far away...


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