I Have Things To Do

There seems to be no respect for time here in Madagascar.  The meetings will start forty minutes late.  The church services will last five hours.  The taxi-bus will crawl lazily along for twenty-six hours.  Dinner conversation will trudge on indefinitely.  Or why even have dinner conversation?  We can just sit here for thirty minutes or so.  They do not seem to have gotten the memo:  I have things to do.

Why do I seem to be the only one who cares about the stuff that needs to be done?

And then it hit me one day.  In order to have stuff that needs to be done, one needs stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.  No wonder I’m always the one in a rush to get going.  “I’m sorry, but could we hurry this along?  There are computers that need to be typed on, books that need to be read, phones that need to be glanced at, and music that needs to be listened to.  I have things, and those things need doing.  Sigh…but you don’t have the things, so you just don’t understand.  All you seem to want to do is be together.

“But for now please, excuse me from this conversation.  I prefer watching the rerun on TV to hearing the rerun of your life.  And please, excuse me from the dinner table.  I prefer the fascinating silence of my book to the awkward silences of…you.  Oh and also, please, excuse me from paying attention to you.  I have to make sure that…Yes!  I do still have a phone in my pocket!  Really it’s been great, but I’ve just got to run!—to check my email.”

Unfortunately for them, the Malagasy haven’t quite caught on to the fact that stuff can save us from each other.

What they're saying is: "Can you please get OFF ME? Haven't you heard of PERSONAL SPACE??? Ughh! I wish I had an XBOX!!!"


2 thoughts on “I Have Things To Do

  1. Hi Ryan. I am not sure that I have met you however, I work with your Dad and feel as I know you. Your Dad shares your bolgs with me every so often and I so admire you for what you are doing in Madagascar. What a wonderful experience and life lessons that you will keep for ever. I love hearing about your adventures and I know that everyone that you are touching in Madagascar is so dang lucky to know you! I will keep you in my prayers as I will those beautiful children that look at you with such admiration.
    Tami Montgomery

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