How To Disturb A Meeting Of Village Leaders

What else do I have to do?  The Bishop is having serious talk in Malagasy with the village leaders.  I might as well have fun with the kids.  And mess everything up…

The trick is to get the kids laughing uncontrollably.  I’ve discovered my camera can do it without fail.  First pick a child, and take a picture.

They are curious, but apprehensive.  “What is this silly Vezaha doing?”

They wonder.  “Is it a weapon?  Why is he pointing it at me.”

She thinks, “Why is that man grinning goofily?”
“Because,” I think, “You are dressed like Mrs. Luigi.”

And then the turning point comes, when you show them one of the pictures.

And now everyone wants their picture taken.

And then they realize they can make goofy faces.


And…this kind of face.


And now everyone wants to make that face.

And now the village leaders can’t hear because the silly Vezaha made all the children laugh uncontrollably.  “QUIET!” one of them snaps, getting the stick out ready to quiet the children (see picture above)!  But it’s too late.  Nothing can stop uproar of laughter and fun caused by one vezaha with a camera.  Bwahahahaha!


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