Authority: There Is Only One

Matthew 21:33-46

 The religious leaders asked Jesus where his authority came from.  Jesus knew they didn’t care—or rather, “We don’t know”—and therefore did not answer them.  However, Jesus was not done with the question of authority.

Since you brought it up religious leaders, where exactly are you getting your authority from?

Hear another parable.  If a landowner rents out his vineyard, and the tenants decide they want to keep it for themselves, therefore murdering the landowner’s servants and even his son, do they get to keep the vineyard?

Answer: Absolutely not.  Those wicked tenants will meet a terrible end.


And now let’s consider the psalms.  How did the rejected stone become the cornerstone if the builders cast it aside as worthless?

Answer: The builders were not ultimately the ones making the decisions.  The Lord was.


Are you blind?  Have you not read the scriptures?  There is only one God.  There is only one Lord of the Vineyard.  There is only one Owner of the Building.  There is only one King in the Kingdom of God, and that King has one Son.  All authority has been given over to him.

Aside from him you have zero authority.

You cannot destroy the Son and throw him out of the vineyard; you will be thrown out and destroyed.  You cannot reject and crush the cornerstone; you will be rejected and crushed.

When you do not submit to the one Authority, all your authority will be taken away.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  It will be snatched from you like a toy from a selfish child, and you will have no room to protest. God has the freedom to give authority to whomever he wills, and he wills to give it to those who actually will bear the fruits of righteousness.

There is one God and one authority and you will bow to him.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, and if you have no fear of him, your statement, “We don’t know,” will be horrifically prophetic.  You will one day realize that you truly knew nothing.

That’s the kind of teaching that gets one crucified.


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