Prayer Update 2

Prayer Update

When I last mentioned prayer requests, I asked for prayer that there would be plenty to do for me here in Toliara—it is nice to feel one has a purpose.  Well the Lord has certainly answered, so much so that it is hard to get it all done.  I really enjoy my work, most of which involves teaching and helping the Bishop and others with computer type things.  It is very rewarding to see students understand things in the Bible.  It is also very rewarding when I see the excitement on the English teacher’s face when I just explained to her what “reply” does on an email, or the beauties of “copy/paste”.  Computers here can be quite an adventure, since a request as simple as, “Scan this document and email it to our contact in America,” often turns into a whole afternoon affair as you deftly make your way from cyber-cafe to cyber-cafe, looking for one that is open and won’t put a virus on your flash-drive.  It’s rarer than you might think, and as evidenced by my poor flash-drive.

Anyway, all the work I have to do is a huge answer to prayer.

Another answer to prayer is that my health has been very good since returning to Toliara.  Please pray that this continues.

You can also be praying for me and about sixty students who will be going to another youth conference this week.  This time it is in a town called Sakaraha, and I have the privilege of teaching the book of 1 Thessalonians every morning.  Pray that my teaching will be clear and that the Holy Spirit would move to turn my words into something that changes the lives of the students.  Also just pray for safe travel and, once again, good health, since it is often when I travel that I tend to get sick.


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