How To Cook An Akoho

My dinner companions laughed, “Ryan, you have never killed a chicken before?”
“Well, no,” I said defending myself.  “I think most people my age in a America have never had to kill a chicken.  I’m not even sure where I’d go to find a live chicken to kill.”
“You mean they are dead when you buy them?”
“Yes, dead and cleaned.”
They looked at one another joking in Malagasy, and still laughing told me,  “Well some day while you are here we will have to show you how to cook a chicken.”

How to cook a chicken

Step 1: Go to market and select chicken.

Akoho here look more athletic than our American variety.

Step 2: Slit its throat and let the blood run out.  Hold still until dead.

(not pictured)

Step 3: Dip dead chicken in boiling water.  Pull off Feathers.

If you are curious, the feathers pull off very easily.

Step 4: Cut chicken into edible pieces, and remove innards

(also not pictured.)

Step 5: Place chicken in pot of boiling water (30 minutes)

This is, obviously, an ideal spot to boil a chicken.

Step 5: Add ginger and other yummies.

Step 6: Serve with rice and enjoy!

(Oh, and tomorrow, they have promised me zibu tongue!)


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