4:13am: AAAAHHHHH DEMON MONKEY!!!!  Oh wait…my bad.  It’s just the gecko.  Although in my defense geckos, katsatsaka, make very loud noises.  I imagine that if a small monkey who smoked three packs a day started to laugh, it would sound like a gecko.  Oh gecko roommate, you are such a trickster, haha!  And so elusive too once I get out my camera!

I’m going to think of a good name for you friend.  Goodnight buddy!  (Gecko continues to laugh about once every seven minutes.)


One thought on “Katsatsaka

  1. It took some magnification, but now we see that shy little friend of yours with the funny feet. Now we have a whole new appreciation for the Geico gecko whenever we see him on TV. Perhaps its a good thing it’s you in that apartment and not me. Might have a lot of sleepless nights if I knew a lizard was sharing my bedroom.
    Love and miss you.

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