Prayer Update 1

Prayer Update

Thanks you for praying for us as we traveled to Beituki last week.  It was an incredible trip for me to be a part of, and I am happy to say it was very successful.  There were more of us who went then I expected, about thirty, and we were therefore able to split up.  I went with one of the groups who went around town speaking with people and sharing the gospel, such as with this family here:

A few people met with the children of the town (easy to do since they travel in flocks) and had a little Vacation-Bible-School-esque time for them.


The Bishop was able to meet with the mayor to begin a relationship with the local government and explain our intentions in the town.  There are a few thousand people in Beituki, and there is already a small Lutheran Church and Catholic Church.  Bishop Todd was also able to meet with the leaders of those churches to explain that we come wanting to partner with them in sharing the gospel, not to steal their parishioners.

Each evening we showed The Jesus Film in the town square, and I believe that in the end a few hundred people saw the film.  One of our Evangelists stayed behind in Beituki to continue the ministry there.  All that to say it was a great trip, and thank you for your prayers.

As far as my health goes…though not ideal, things went much better than I expected.  Upon arriving, I began feeling a bit iffy and that feeling grew worse and worse, and the second day, I spent a great deal of time in the teetering little brown shed by the pig style with the hole in the floorboards (the toilet).  Though not fun, it was a humbling afternoon, something that I always need.  Thankfully, with some prayer and medicine, I felt great the rest of the time.  Continue to pray that my body would adjust to life here.  As much as I enjoy Madagascar, my body is not so quick to make friends with it.


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