Prayer Request

Prayer Request

I am very excited and a little nervous that today about twenty of us, mostly Malagasy, will be heading to a small town in the south of Maagascar, Beituki.  We are hoping to plant a church there, and this five day trip will mainly be about evangelism.  Our plan is to show the Jesus film, share testimonys, teach, and interact with the people there.  Though this kind of trip might not be super effective in the USA, it can be very well received in this culture, and there is usually a large audience if for no other reason than that we are interesting and that there is a white guy tagging along who needs a translator.

Please pray that our time will be bold, truthful, clear and loving.

You can pray for me too as I try to communicate and help the Malagasy speak truth.  Also pray for my health.  I have had a couple brief bits of stomach issues, which would be super no fun out in the middle of nowhere Maagascar.

Prayers are greatly appreciated!


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