The Gecko

Sitting down to write about other things, I notice in the corner of the ceiling, a gecko.  He clings to his corner, motionless; he must know he has been spotted.  I try to think about other things yet am held captive by the gecko.  Will he move?  I stare.  Minutes pass.  I look at my computer.  I look back at the gecko.  I think his head has moved.  A picture, yes, I will take a picture.  I get up, but alas, suddenly the gecko flies back to his home within the crown molding.  It seems I have a new pet.  I hear they are good for bugs.


4 thoughts on “The Gecko

  1. Ryan-Just so you know, Rapunzel had a pet Gecko in Tangled. He was a comical and loyal pet. I hope yours proves to be as faithful and entertaining.

    • I hope so too. Although I doubt I will be getting many hair cuts this year, I also doubt that my hair will be quite as fun as hers–mine tends to just keep growing upwards. If it gets too long, I’ll try cutting it swiftly with one knife stroke. That, according to the movie, results in very trendy haircuts.

  2. I’m glad to see our points of interest are still similar. Of all things to talk about there you pick a gecko. I would have done the same.

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