Handicapped Part 2: God-Handicapping?

In an earlier post, I talked about the pitfalls of self-handicapping.  I think what might be more destructive is God-Handicapping.  What do I mean by God-Handicapping?  Obviously, a living God cannot be handicapped, nor can he have his hands tied behind his back.  To use the term would be wrong if I meant that God could in some way fail.  What I mean by the term has more to do with how we trust and glorify God than how God succeeds or fails.

People self-handicap because they fear they might fail.  They are trying to protect themselves.
People God-Handicap because they fear God might fail.  They are trying to “protect” God.

We self-handicap when we don’t give ourselves a fair chance to succeed.
We God-handicap when we don’t give God a fair chance to succeed.

God said that he can move mountains.  But if I doubt that he can, I won’t ask him.  If I don’t ask him, I won’t be sad if the mountains are still there tomorrow.  I will have successfully “protected” God from having to act on his word: God-Handicapping.

When’s the last time I spent the night in fervent prayer for the mountain to move? I mean fist pounding the floor “God you’ve got to do something!” kind of prayer?  Not recently.  Is the reason that I’ve preemptively decided that it won’t move?  If I don’t take the risk of faith, it’s guaranteed I won’t see anything happen.

May it not be said that I had an appearance of godliness but denied its power. (2 Tim 3:5)


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