90% Prayerless…

Yesterday, I was listening to a message Paul Miller gave couple months ago about prayer.  Through the course of his work and studies, Miller has found that 90% of Christians sitting in churches do not experience a life of prayer.  Or if they do pray, it might be what Joel Beeke refers to as “prayerless prayer,” prayer that is more a performance than crying out to a living God.  90%…

“There is no one who calls upon your name,
who rouses himself to take hold of you;” -Isaiah 64:7

From my own personal experience, I believe the statistic.  In fact, can think of very few people who have fruitful lives of prayer, and I put my own life in that category too.  Ask me about my prayer life and I will hang my head in shame.  The same can be said of most people I’ve talked to.  What in the world is going on?  When Christians think about prayer Miller has found most feel:

Guilty because they don’t pray.
Confused because they don’t know how to pray.
Frustrated because they don’t see much point in praying anyway.

If we really believed and understood God’s heart toward his people and how the gospel extends to prayer,  I don’t think 90% of people would be so prayerless.  I think God is waiting and ready to act.  If you find yourself in the “prayerless” category like, I have personally found Paul Miller’s book very helpful: A Praying Life.  But book or no book, we, myself included, must pray.  More than that, we must start believing.

If you have read this far, I’ll go ahead and let you know that my initial goal in this post was to inform you that I will be leaving with six other men today to go to Serbia.  We will be teaching and training a group of young men at an Evangelical Bible College there.  Please ask God that our ministry will have a huge, lasting impact on these students.


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